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Young Musicians Concert Application (March 20 2024 Deadline)

Young Musicians Concert Instructions (March 20 2024 Video Deadline)

Sponsored by Music On The Divide, the Young Musicians Concert is devoted to giving youth a chance to perform in public. We feel that this will encourage them to continue their musical studies and bring them further cultural enrichment.

A preliminary selection is done via a video submitted to MOTD judges who select finalists from the video. Those finalists will then be recommended to perform at the Young Musicians concert.

RULES FOR PARTICIPANTS A student must have a residence address on the Divide, or attend school on the Divide, be enrolled in school with an upper limit of Junior College and/or age 22, or be a special guest approved by the MOTD Board. Areas of competition include voice, keyboard, orchestral or band instruments from classical or non-classical repertoire. It is recommended that the selections be memorized by the time of the concert.

MISSION OF THE MUSIC ON THE DIVIDE SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE. Our mission is to promote and encourage Young People on The Divide to make music a part of their lives.









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